16 de diciembre de 2013

possessive adjetives

GRAMMAR HELP BOX. Possessive adjectives
                                        Singular                                                         Plural
                                           my                                                                  our
        What´s his               your      name?                       This is            your      house.
                                          her                                                                  their

3 de diciembre de 2013

Notas de gramática inglesa básica

I am = I´m
You are = You´re
He is = He´s
She is = She´s
It is = It´s
We are = We´re
You are = You´re
They are = They´re

2 de diciembre de 2013

verbo to be 2

GRAMMAR HELP BOX. Verb “ to be”
1.       Negative forms:
    He isn´t an accountant.                        You aren´t British.
    But: I´m not a journalist.                     NOT: I amn´t a journalist.
2.       Short  answers to Yes / No questions:
   Is John British?                           Yes, he is. (He = John)
   Is his surname Bratt?                No, it isn´t. (it = surname)                       
                   Are you a teacher?                    No, I´m not. / Yes, I am.